Growth Slump

Growth: 3 Ways To Spot Your Growth Slump

Can You Spot Your Growth Slump

Growth Slump

Growth is a requirement of life but how you grow and if you accept it is your choice. Here are 3 ways to spot your growth slump.

Not everyone is willing to grow but little do they know if they don’t chose to grow on their own, life circumstances will make them grow in a way that maybe devastating.

See life is funny. In my thoughts there are a few types of growers. I want to see if you can spot your growth slump.

  1. Those that want to believe that they are growing as long as certain things don’t change. (Foot Stompers)
  2. Those that try not to ruffle feathers while keeping their nose down and praying nothing changes. (Tip Toer’s)
  3. Then there are those that throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may. (Risky Whippers)

Before we continue, yes there are many more types of growth slumps but for now let’s just focus on these three. Heck that ‘s enough!

Growth Slump:Who Are These Growers

Foot Stompers

The Foot Stompers make the most noise. They want to make sure they get heard however, they clearly want you to understand what they are not willing to change. So they can’t let go of control and just let things happen.

Foot Stompers must feel they are in control every step of the way. They refuse to just throw caution to the wind and except the change.

During the process of change you will notice that a Foot Stomper will fight tooth and nail and constantly complain about the change however eventually they come to a painful conclusion that the change is inevitable. Finding a way to deal with the change and make it fit into their everyday routine is their next plan.

This is unattended growth. Growth that is not initiated but forced upon you even though you are in constant negotiation of how you want things to be.

(However don’t let the change have another change within a few moments of the first change all hell will break loose…lol).

Tip Toer’s

The Tip Toer’s are the quietest bunch of them all. They never want to interfere with life, they just want to quietly get through it. If no one see’s them than no one will bother them and nothing has to change. Feeling if they go with the flow that they won’t bring attention to themselves.

Tip Toer’s want to do the work and stay unnoticed as much as possible. They tend to be nervous and never take the initiative on any project or situation. Their motto is to keep a low profile and not to ruffle any feathers.

They don’t initiate the change but when it happens they just find a way to cope with it, even if the change is unbearable for them.

This form of growth is forced growth. Although staying neutral is thought to keep you out of the way of growth, it in fact thrust you right into the center of it all, quietly kicking screaming and crying behind closed doors.

(Remember everyone has a breaking point and in this situation being a Tip Toer can later cause a meltdown with emotional outburst and resistance).

Risky Whippers

These people better known as the Risky Whippers, they care about you or what you think. They see what they want, quickly calculate their odds and they’re out. Risky Whippers can care less what downfalls may lay ahead they just know that if the odds of growth are in their favor they are taking it.

Now understand I’m not saying that they walk over people or act maliciously but they will not let someone hold them back. They are ready to cut off those and the things that no longer serve them. Constantly, Risky Whippers are risk takers. Those are good and bad qualities wrapped in one.

Risky Whippers will take risk after risk and sometimes are willing to bet it all which is not always the best thing. Also they may constantly move on without looking at the big picture of how this or that risk with affect their growth. This growth is tunnel growth.

(Yeah, so no matter what you do or how quickly you do it growth is happing whether it’s a happy way or not . No matter how you feel about it, it’s all a lesson).


So do you fit any of these 3 growth slump characteristics? If you feel you do or if you feel you grow in a different way let me know in the comments below.

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