Welcome To My Madness

Like most of you I wear many hats. I’m a mom, wife, business person, artist, teacher, motivator and so much more. Come on in explore my life I promise you’ll laugh, cry and won’t GAF what people say about you anymore. Oh and I cuss!


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You want transparency

I got it

My son said “Mom, you need to do a daily dairy”. In my mind I’m like kid are you out of your mind. So brace yourself I have no idea what’s about to be written.

Mz O The Artist

My life as an Artist is bitter sweet just like every other Artist. Art has been a major love of mine since I was a little girl. Life came and I dropped it to be a mom and work the cookie cutter life. Now I’m back baby doing what I love. Am I a starving Artist? Apparently not look at those thighs. Seriously, come and get you some tips, tricks and view my artwork.

My Peace Is My Power

I was given a gift at birth that I was ashamed of because it made people afraid. However it caused me to hide a part of myself which created chaos in my life and nearly destroyed me. I’m to old to GAF about what people think anymore so my gift shines brightly now and more powerful than ever. Get in touch with the Goddess in the Garden.